Benefits of Adding a Fountain to a Residential Pond

Ponds are a wonderful addition to any backyard. When properly maintained, this additional water feature will become home to a variety of fish and wildlife, while also increasing property value. Adding lake and pond fountains make it even easier to maintain a residential pond.

Keep the Water Aerated

Many maintenance problems that occur in ponds can be avoided by properly aerating the water. Adding a fountain is the easiest way to aerate the pond, which also helps increase oxygen levels in the water. This will improve the overall quality of the water.

Proper aeration also reduces algae growth. Algae cannot grow in water that has a lot of oxygen. Fountains also keep the water constantly moving, which prevents sediment buildup in the bottom of the pond. This may help prevent foul-smelling water from forming.

Keep Fish Happy

Most homeowners choose to keep fish in their residential pond. If the water becomes uninhabitable, the fish will eventually die. Installing a fountain may reduce this risk by improving oxygen levels throughout the entire pond.

Higher levels of oxygen are also beneficial to aquatic plants and other types of wildlife. By regularly running a fountain, homeowners may see an increase in aquatic wildlife. This healthy ecosystem will survive for many seasons to come.

Keep Mosquitoes Away

No homeowner wants to deal with mosquitoes in their backyard. These pests are not only bothersome, but they also carry a variety of diseases. Mosquitoes are most prominent near stagnant water sources.

Adding a fountain to a backyard pond keeps mosquitoes away by continuously moving the water. Mosquitoes cannot breed in moving water, so they will find another location to live. Fountains are an all-natural, chemical-free way to prevent a mosquito infestation.

Keep the Aesthetic Appeal

There is something very relaxing about the sound of running water. A fountain creates a beautiful sound when in use. This water feature is sure to make any backyard space feel more inviting and welcoming.

A fountain will greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. Lights may be added to make the fountain enjoyable at night. Fountains add a tranquil and calming element to any residential pond.

Homeowners who want to improve the overall health of their backyard pond should consider adding a fountain. This water feature will not only improve the ecosystem of the pond, but it will also make the outdoor space more inviting.